Selasa, 05 November 2013


Dear Lord Tanaka Koki. The Badass yet Sweet Joker.

Please tell me the secret how you can make a person named ME fall in love with you THIS much!!! God I cant believe I cant stop smiling since morning. And by 'cant stop' I mean... LITERALLY!!!

Okay Fre, Okay. Calm your heart and tell this Pensieve of yours the complete story!!! *clear throat*

So, Pensieve, today is November 5th. The big and sacred day. The day Tanaka Koki was Born 28 years ago. The day I should Thank God for bringing him here. And... I did. I thank God. And you know what? Tuhan mengabulkan satu doaku sejak satu bulan lalu waktu dengar berita kalau Koki keluar dari KAT-TUN.

Dan doaku adalah "Semoga Koki punya Twitter"

Words cant describe how happy I am. Words cant describe how I love him. Words cant describe how he makes my day!

His bio said that HE IS HYPHEN. He is one of us. And he starts replying to all of our mention.... that's just too sweet I cant keep my eyes off of him. LOL. Though he's using Japanese and I barely know what he means.

This is a cake I bake today with my sista... (and a chocolate pudding too :D )

a simple birthday cake which I struggle to bake because of my lackness of skill xD (Im suck at baking cake, honestly. But for Lord Koki's sake, I'll do anything!). And the choco pudding. My mom makes it xD I LOVE HER!!!

And I sent it to his twitter accounts!!! XDD KYAAAA!!!!! *hysterical scream*

Hahaha. excuse my annoying hysterical scream. Im just too happy... too happy I could die. Koki really really gentle and kind. He treats Hyphens and Usagi well and make them special. Im just so proud to be his Eternal Usagi. He's the real deal of gentleman.

And Im so happy for him ;)

And this.... this is my most favorite twit of his.

His first English Twit. LOL.

Oh Loooord, I wonder if I can love him more than I do now. Because my heart right now is like... FULL of him, you know. It's full, It;s going DOKI DOKI all over him, and it hurts. I cant take it anymore~~~!!

And now he becomes the Leader of Hyphens!!! LOL. Go for it, Koki! We support you!!!

Uhuk. By the way, this is me and my sista... Pose with my not-so-awesome-but-okay-cause-we-bake-it-wholeheartedly Cake for Lord Koki.


okay. gak tau itu pose kami rada alay. Tapi screw that. Yang penting pose sama kue :v kue bikinan kami sendiri, tulus buat si abang yang baru belajar twitter dari adeknya *nyindir si Lord* hahaha.

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  1. kakak uname twitter nya apa kak? kepo nih wkwk :D

    1. err... @farafureya hehe ^^ aduh sori aku gak pernah liatin komen. hehe.


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