Minggu, 15 Desember 2013

Back Then

You never know how relief i am to see your name on my chat .saying "fre apa kabar?"

Because i thought i screwed it all. I screwed our friendship and there's no way to fix it. Not after i broke my promise back then.

Tapi enggak. Kamu ngechatt.

Dear girl...
how i miss the time when we laugh together over something silly in front of the whiteboard back then.
How i miss the way we spend the after-time school by hanging out in the library.
How i miss the way you tell me the name of your future son and daughter.
How i miss the time we're talking about cnblue, or your crush, or my tanaka koki, like there's no tomorrow.
How i miss the time you come over my home and spend the night here.
How i miss the time when we remind each other to shalat tahajud, puasa senin-kamis, and dhuha when our final examination come.
How i miss the time we spend our break-time to sleep in the mosque after dhuha and then talk about Yuro... or your crush.
How i miss the way you trust me.

Now that we're growing apart...
well, it's hurt. Because I value our friendship more than I thought, girl. I miss everything we did back then.

And you ask how's Bunda? Bunda baik-baik saja :') sangat baik.

Hope u're doing great... may ALLAH always love you <3

And im glad that everything is okay now. I really am.

1 komentar:

  1. syukurlah persahabatannya baik2 aja :) selamat tahun baru, ya :)


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