Jumat, 24 April 2015

wasting time much?

So apparently a Pharmacy Student can have a day off in this beautiful Friday. So what do i do heh? :3 Pretty much waaaaaasting my time in my bed all day.


Jadi, kemaren malem kan habis nonton episode Supernatural yang terbaru yah.... dan MY HEART CANT FVKIN TAKE IT DOOOOOONG. Spoiler ahead yah. Supernatural is like.... my way of life and Im a proud Sammy's Girl so why why why Sammy you have to do that stupid shit like making a deal with a bithcy witch called ROWENA I DONT UNDERSTAND!!!! *hosh... hoshhh.... hoshhh*

Dan Wincest are bromancing like they always dooooo.... bikin hati cenat-cenut dan berkaca-kaca parah :'))) I swear there's no relationship as deep as Winchesters bros *hugs them*

And my precious Crowley :'((((

Intinya, last night episode tired me out!!!

Jadi hari ini leyeh-leyeh di kasur and watching aaaaaaallll of Pewdiepie's video like there's no tomorrow. Duh, i love that guy so damn much! Apalagi series video game horror nya. Mumpung hari ini ada waktu, namatin semua seri "Dread Out" yang dia mainin.

DAN YAAMPUN CAN SOMEONE DYING BECAUSE OF LAUGHTER??? CAN SOMEONE? Cause I lost my shit when i watch his Dread's out video. His reaction is just too cute to handle :'DDD

Ya aku gak pernah main Dread Out seh, tapi ngeliat dia maen ituloh. Hahahaha. When he's freaking out waktu ketemu Pocongnya... yaampun! Terus cara dia ngucapin bahasa Indonesia... hahahaha. I love him so much.

Dan dia mirip Sammy. Enough said.

That's pretty much all of the story about How I fall in love with a guy named pewdiepie.


PS. Kenapa gak dari dulu aku liat Dread Out series nya? xD kenapa baru sekarang dikasih keberanian????? XDDD hahahaha. I literally watched his videos nonstop since 10AM this morning (dan sekarang udah jam 6 sore. oke bye, gue mau lanjut liat)

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