Sabtu, 31 Agustus 2013

Weekend 2011


I watched that clip 5 times or more... i dunno. and now I have to order my own copy at Amazon.

Aduh, like I rich aja! Duit woi!! Duit gak punya woiii! *kipas-kipas karena wishlist akhir-akhir ini semakin nggak manusiawi*

Berawal dari iseng ngesearch "Best Gay Movie" di google and found "Weekend" on the Top List dari semua Top List.

Watched trailer, read the summary, peak at some cut-scene on youtube. Too much feeling on it! I really have to watch it.

Then I searched like crazy on internet. It took me 2 days for actually found it. Oh, God must really love me!

Dan yeah.


It's like.... it reminds me why I support gay.

I mean... When someone ask me why I love gay-men being lovey-dovey each other, I cant really answer it. It's not something I can put in word. It's beyond that. I feel it and I know it deep down in my heart why I support gay. But, meeeh. Like I said... there's no word can describe it.

If you wanna know why I (and other fujoshi like me) love gay-men, try watch this movie... maybe, just maybe you can understand why.

PS. I spent all night downloading it from the internet and now I really HAVE TO buy my own copy TwT what a cliffie ending though.

PPS. Russel and Glen in this movie is so freakin adorable!! They killed me!! I dont believe they're not even gay in real world. They should be gay and love each other and life happily ever after for heaven's sake!!!

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