Jumat, 27 September 2013


"We met right here. I took this man's hand and we ran down that hallway. And for those that know me, I'm not in the habit of taking people's hands I've never met before. But I think that my soul knew something that my mind and body didn't know yet. It knew that our hands were meant to hold each other, fearlessly and forever. 

Which is why it's never really felt like I've been getting to know you. It's always felt like I was remembering you from something. As if every lifetime you and I have lived, we've chosen to comeback and find each other and fall in love all over again, over and over for all eternity.

And I just feel so lucky that I found you so soon in this lifetime. Because all I want to do, all I've ever wanted to do... is spend my life loving you.

So, Kurt Hummel, my amazing friend, my one true love.
Will you marry me?"

And then my heart stop!! Not literally but... it does stop for a second. Until Kurt say yes

and they share kiss passionately...and then I started to sob and crying and make my bed such a mess and... wow. Last night was one hell of a fangirling-time. I even ditched my homework so I could streaming Glee on internet XD lol.

And here I am, 24 hours after those unforgettable moment of engagement, still cant get enough of that scene. I've watched it like 100 times now still gets me.

Oh Damn you Blaine!! You better sent me an invitation to your wedding!!!!

PS. I dont own the gif, I found it on tumblr, klainearemylifeandmyoxygen make it and it's so awesome :) And I dont own Klaine either. But I do know that I love them endlessly. As much as I love AoKaga, Shizaya, AlScorp and KoKame.

And now I better go to bed before I get a KLAINE hangover like this morning. You know, it's kind of 1.30 AM right now T~T


he sad yes!!! i still cant believe they're going to be married!!!!!
-end of fangirling-

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Kalian,, dengan cuap-cuap kalian :D

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