Rabu, 02 Oktober 2013

This Blaine Anderson guy is....

It's midnight again.

and I still open my eyes. Great.

Okehhh. I know Im just rambling right now but I have to get this out of my system or I cant sleep at all--which is bad karena besok gue ada praktikum Fisika dan belum belajar sama sekali.

Balik ke permasalahan.

It's Blaine Anderson!

God knows why he's so perfect with all of those sexy and husky-low voice. And being all Gay... duh. I dont even find a thing who could make him more perfect than that.

The bad news is... he's the exact reason why I can barely sleep right now.

He's haunting me! Literally!

So... stop appear in front of my head whenever I tried to close my eyes Blaine Anderson! I know u re the most gentleman guy I could ask in this world but... seriously, I need a sleep.

PS. No, no. Im not in love with this Blaine Anderson guy. Im just having a crush and that's normal. Besides, Blaine had fiance.... And no Im not breaking up with Tanaka Koki. He's still my number one and always be. And you have no idea how much I miss him these days :((((

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Aku dengan cuap-cuapku...
Kalian,, dengan cuap-cuap kalian :D

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