Rabu, 13 Mei 2015

Have I Ever

Ditag suruh bikin beginian sih...


Kissed someone: no. but im going to. pobably this weekend *loh???
Been Drunk: I haven't. And not planning to.
Cried Myself to Sleep: yes.
Felt lonely: sometimes
Been depressed: sometimes
Smoked : No. Gak minat juga.
Age: 19
Birthday: well. Haha. The last date in every year.
Relationship: in a fucking weird relationship with someone. kind of. haha.
Biggest fear: Ikan?
Dream Job: a good mother. rising all of my children with a partner I truly love and care about.
Dream Car: Lamborghini. Yeah. Hahaha.
Dream House: a big enough to have all my loved ones.
Like someone: of course.
Love someone: yes. fact is, im in love right now. HAHAHAHAHA.
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend: got a boyfriend once. Not doing so well on that.
Want a boyfriend/girlfriend: i dunno? I want someone who love me as much as i love them.
Have a tattoo: nope
Have a piercing: yes. on my ears... tapi sekarang udah ketutup kayaknya.
Party: dont like it.
Artist: terlalu banyak.
Movie: terlalu banyak, sungguh.
Song: Adam Lambert's. The Cab's. KAT-TUN's. Tanaka Koki's. INKT's.
TV series: Supernatural. Glee. Sherlock BBC. Teen Wolf. Shameless. The Fosters (seriously never ending list... haha)
Animal: cats
Book: Novel. Komik.
Colour: Green. Yellow. Orange.
Twitter or facebook: FB
Twitter or Instagram : ig.
Facebook or Instagram: FB
Coke or Pepsi: Jus Alpulkat /lol.
Tea or Coke : Tea
Tacos or Pizza: pizza~
Winter or summer: Both!
Get married: maybe...
Have Kids: YES :)
Swim with sharks: NO. I cant even stand a tiny little fish so how could i swim with shark, really? T.T
Share a banana: yes
Eat rotten food: no? i dunno.
Marry a foreigner: well..... no. hahaha.
Smoke pot: No.

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