Jumat, 06 Januari 2012

Not Equal

I just found someone as incredible as Takanaga Hinako sensei and Nakamura Shungiku-sensei. I found her through the Manga called "Not Equal" which suggested by My Uke... and YEAH~! As Expected from My Uke, she could find this beautiful Manga. Uhh, thanks to her!!

Actually, Im not really like incest in Yaoi nor Straight. And this might be my first Father-Son, so at first I didn't expect too much on this series. However,.. the more I read this series the more I fall in love.
It feel so wrong for me... but in the same time it feel so right as well. How should I put it...? Hmm,
In one time I mumbled "Gosh, It's your dad!!!" but in other time "What's wrong? It's love."... something like that.

Seriously... I love this series T~T 
Every chapter make my heart going tight!!! Nyuesek pol maaaan~!!
and Im dying to know the other series that Ike Reibun (Not Equal's Mangaka) create.

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Aku dengan cuap-cuapku...
Kalian,, dengan cuap-cuap kalian :D

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