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Jlaw and Kirio's Update : They had broken up!

Okay, so I post this entry to make everything clear for those who still dont know about them yet.

Thanks to Angela Ang for the GREAT Translation in Fujoshi Community Group and Novintha Boo for giving more info about them.

So guys, Jlaw and Kirio had broken up some while ago. How can I say that? 
Well, They updated their status via weibo and my friend translated it.

This might be the reason why They broke up.

Jlaw stat : 

By (October, 19 18:54)

I seems like a person who discontent with you,always scold you. A person who won’t speak good opinion about you eventhough at the death’s door. I can roam everypart of the city that you possible appear at on the very late night just to find you, but once I found you, I always pretend unintentionally come here, so I turn around and go. Rather than make you misunderstand, I also can’t let you think I care very much about you, I don’t want to lost my pride.

And then, this November Jlaw updated his stat like this : (November)

For years, everytime after i have a fight with kirio i will think " Okay, Broke up is not such a big matter, i can find another" But i realize i really don't know who will i seek? No one believe i don't have another half (boyfriend) and someone to cheat with (to carry a clandestine love affair). Not because i am single minded, but because people i know don't stimulate my desire, childish child doesn't have many common words with me. When other's big problem is so small in you eyes, you are not in the same world, to communicate is a torture.

And once again, Jlaw post on his weibo...

 A 15 years old kid, during the day you take him everywhere, during the night accompany him to sleep together. Busy doing college entrance exam, deliver him to college, assist him to publish book, at the same time teach him that you are also learning to grow up, he has grown up, have his own opinion, able to rebel against you, also can earn money. People who haven’t experience it can’t imagine what kind of feeling this is, This is not a love or you can say this is not as shallow/ superficial as love. What you witness is not to draw attention , but a miracle!

November 7th finally Kirio replied on that status.

He said "If there is miracle (in this world), then it is when we meet with the right person at the right moment, so able to persist walk forward all along, at thet time you experience sharp pain, my fate just originated. We draw the the most important things ourselves need from the counterpart, it turns out to complement each other. Live together for 4 years, accompany you through so many (things), watch how you slowly become messy old man day by day *laugh* From a long time ago it is not love anymore. Love is too mild, This relationship is too deep."

It's so damn confusing -__- I mean, their mind's too COMPLICATED!
They've been fighting for their relationship, rite? They face hardship together, they lovey-dovey like the happiest person in the world, give a hope to all of people who love them that They will be together forever.

I DO know that nothing's forever in this world. I DO know that Jlaw ever told us about 'he didnt believe in forever' and there's time that They have to separate on their own ways and we have to understand that.
Okay, I know all of that. But, why did they broke up with that shitty reason? How does their relation ship mean all of this time?

Nggak habis pikir saya -__-

And this photo ... 

according to the Angela Ang's statement :
It's one of Jlaw's bestfriend. They lost contact in 2007 and meet again in 2011. 

So, He's not Jlaw's new boyfriend whatsoever!

NOTE : All of that statement is according to the JLAW and Kirio's weibo. It's all written in Mandarin (Chinese Language) And Angela Ang, one of my friend on FUJOSHI COMMUNITY GROUP, translated it! :) Thanks to her :)

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  1. Eh? Cek pintere temenmu -____-

    Ah, apa2an JLaw iku yo ><
    Masuk muna' gak seh?

  2. emmmm....

    Kasih komen gak ya..... emmm... kayaknya gak usah komen aja deh! :D

  3. ins : temenkuuuu *nada bangga.
    Mbuh lah, aku agak gimana gitu mbek mereka XD hahaha.

    Mas Riu : Yee -__- sudah komen itu kan. haha XD

    Kak Aryo : hohh.. iye udah nggak usah dibesar-besarkan.


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