Kamis, 25 Agustus 2011

Oh, Takanaga-sensei, I desperately Love You

Are You Fujoshi?
Have you been following YAOI manga titled "Koisuru Boukun" all this time?
And now, are you confusing and wondering why the next chapter of Koisuru boukun doesn't release yet?

If all your answer is "YES".. it means, you absolutely feel what I feel now :) But dont worry, If you love Koisuru Boukun, don't you love the mangaka as well? have you ever read other manga that drawn by Takanaga Hinako-sensei? (mangaka of Koisuru Boukun)

Nah... I wanna share the list of manga that our beloved Takanaga-sensei drawn. Of course it must be as awesome as Koisuru Boukun XD~

She drew a lot of manga. Some of them are released as one volume, and the other was continuously appear in magazine and collect in to more than one Volume like Koisuru Boukun.

Actually, I have read many of Takanaga-sensei's manga such as,

1. Turning Point

(it was an awesome Manga. The plot isn't cliche.. And Im pretty enjoy the bed scene *lol* But it's a pity that I cant find the following chapter, I only have 3 Volume of it :P You can download it here but be sure to have an account at mangatrader. if u dont have account, create it first... it's free and easy)

2. Kimi ga koi ni Ochiru (download here)

3. Kimi ga koi ni Obereru (download here)

4. Dekiru Otoko ga suki Nanda (download here)

(this manga is pretty short but I laugh so hard when I read it long time ago. Yknow,,, the bed scene was so... so... how should I put it? ckukukukukk. You better read it yourself :P)

5. Challengers (download here)

I very recommended this manga. It was the prequel of Koisuru Boukun. The first time Sou-senpai and Tetsu meet. Yea... the fact is, this manga focused more to Tatsumi Tomoe and his boyfriend (you remember Sou-senpai's lil brother? Yap, that's him) But Sou-senpai and tetsu appeared so much in this manga >< It was so exciting to know Sou-senpai and Tetsu back then :3 Unyuuu~

Even there's a scene that tell us about the reason why Sou-senpai become homophobic. And also... the most hot scene : First time when Tetsu confessed his feeling to Sou-senpai. Nyahaaaa~! That scene was so unbearable cute (adopt from Tetsu when he describe sou-senpai :P)

I do admit that the Sou-senpai and Tetsu wasn't as handsome as themselves at Koisuru Boukun but... it's not bad either... yknow ;D

that's all.. up till now, I just read them.
Uhm.. Back then, I wanna read Takanaga-sensei's manga titled "Little Butterfly" and "Bukiyou na Silent". Many of people said that They were so cool especially Little Butterfly!! But unfortunately I cant found them ad mangatraders, mangafox, manganimea, and the other famous manga website.

Why couldn't I find it? It was bcuz "Little Butterfly" was licensed.

For ur Info, "Little Butterfly" was so famous at America and get in to ranks of the best yaoi manga with Junjou Romantica, Koisuru Boukun and the other GREAT yaoi manga.

However, ... pssst... pssst... just now I found Little Butterfly!!!!! I found it at nihonmaru!!!

KYAAA~~ KYAAA~~ I found it and Im dying of happiness.

Little Butterfly

You can download it here. Be sure to have an account at nihonmaru, get it? ^^

happy downloading all^^

And the story of Little Butterfly.. Uhhhhh~~~!!! It was so damn sweet and dark. Im sure my Granny, Devania Annesya will love it. Kekekekekkk... *devil laugh* Im sorry for her, she can't read any yaoi because she have to fasting XD~

At first I think that this manga was like another Takanaga-sensei's manga.. lot of bed scene and pervert thing but has a deep meaning. But I was wrong.

The story didn't focus only at the love story between two main character but also the family bond, friendship, and school life. This manga was different that the other Takanaga-sensei's manga I swear. Sweet, and has a deep meaning but with different way as Koisuru Boukun. >< Love this manga!!!

And currently, Im looking for Bukiyou na Silent. I promise I'll inform you rite after I found that^^~~ Lalala.

And yah,, sorry for ma bad english :) I dont use grammar... I hate it!!! *kick grammar away*

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  1. astagfirullah!!!!
    nak nak... ileng nak... ileeeeeng!!!!
    iki wayah POSOAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *ngamplengi Frey gae sandal*
    *mengelus dada*


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