Sabtu, 09 April 2011

Why he's so annoying??

He's so annoying... at first I think he's a girl who have a same interest like me.
But I recognized after having a short conversation with him.
He's so annoying with all of his frontal argument.

Uhh.. since he's a guy, it doesn't mean that he can spoke to me that way.
It pisses me off, uknow.
He said if I don't have a good attitude as a friend.
What the hell he said that? It's my life, and he doesn't have any right to interrupt that. I've my own decision to make my life as I want.

I know, giving me some advice is a good thing to do. I'd like to.. but if he judges me like I was the worst person in this world, then, I can't accept it!

Should I removed him or just bear with it?
Dunno! Now, I'm in a bad mood!

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