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About Kirio's Novel "Elf Song"

Unbelieveble,, I just know them for 4 days but I already fallen for them. I'm looking for anything about them. I searched their video, I looked for their web page, and many more.
Hahaha~~ Bener-bener gila!! Totally, completely, absolutely, crazy about them. Especially My Xiahe.

Now, when I think again bout it...,, frankly, I feel guilty. Seems that I cheated from My Saengi by loving Xiahe... ToT
However, I do love Saengi. I still love him wholeheartedly. I still put him in my heart as my fiance *kekekekekk* though recently I give my attention for Xiahe more.

Bytheway,, I've just seen J-law page now. He post some stat again bout his wife... ewww >_< he promoted his wife's novel again. Hahahh. ya meskipun ngomongnya dengan biasa aja, aku tetap ngerasa yang dia lakukan romantis banget. Kekekekk.

Here his stat...

And also Kirio,, he seems so enthusiastic. Glad to know that his novel is selling well :) And hope that I can get his Novel. Uhh.. seriously,, I wanna it so badly.... :(((

Mai Luoluo : 22:00-23:00 tomorrow night, landing in China Chinese Voice Broadcasting Network, Mandarin frequency, "about green grass" program. This issue is my guest. And hosts to talk very happy to talk about the book, writing, love, and for the aesthetics of. The FM radio can not receive, can only listen to the Internet. See the air tomorrow night. Listening Address:

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Moreover when I visit this web : and read about the review. Arrrr!!!It must be a good book. Huaaaa.... huaa.... *nangis dipojokan bareng Saengi*

Editor's Choice

  TH preface by seven years, Guizhou People's Publishing House heavily built, Mai Luoluo in the first collection of short stories of the "Wizard Song" is not the first red hair, numerous Internet users call one thousand million "fairy-level is too" gorgeous turn!


  Mai Luoluo first book. In the collection of short stories. 9 different stories, about nine different life. The author observed his eyes to the edge of the culture, with beautiful and sad emotions, innovation and reform the structure of the chilly strokes clear decision to try to express the existence of evil human nature. Each character in the book are hovering at the edge of self and the outside world, living in the dark, but at the same time pray for a bright shine. Full of tragic at the same time, there are almost Kulie hope.


  Mai Luoluo. September 14, 1992 was born in Hunan.
  We do not intend into a vision of the child, but saddled with controversy existed for many years. Said he was lucky if he can not bear the thought of peer pressures. Unfortunately, he said if he forks taken the first step toward the dream.And he was only eighteen years old.
  At the moment, off the ears of listening chaos, he simply read static text from the soul. We are the brave and believe that this is the most authentic Mai Luoluo.

Media Reviews

  Lolo met with my first book in the "floating light" after the publication. He and I talk about literature, life, talk about ideals. Is such a blossoming teenager, through his life in the accident but that the situation was inevitable after the riots, still sitting in the corner to withdraw security, wrote gem text. Exciting. Now, he has this "elf song", his young life has been known to experience the love of others to listen to complaints. You and I are both outsiders, then, not as a judge, listening like.
  - Author WANG Chen

  Become more exaggerated in the language of the era, who still strive to penetrating the writing, Lolo be one. When we hold the mentality of tolerance he was young he went to read the text materials, not only for his feminine, not pretending to be inanimate, non-artificial language of the amazing sophistication to. Lolo does not work himself into a more unwinding ordered to meet the public appearance, I think, lies, his works are full of confidence and unique style.
  - Writer Jin Guodong

  Of the most precious is that the accumulated bit by bit from life written, the text extracted from the sentiment, sentiment in the return from life.
  - Musician Yang Xiaoyao

  He tried using text to lead you and I walk into a country. Then step by step, will be stripped flesh and blood characters, parse out his understanding of the world, to convey the humanity. For the sincerity of this, it is worth to dig, to taste.
  - Lyricist Lison


Preface - seven years TH
Green as in spring when Shaohua
Who care shadows fall before the wind
No way
Elf Song
Jasmine Island
Fall flowers
A man played many corners
Postscript - Mai Luoluo
Nightmare end of the road spend

Wonderful extract

  Who care shadows fall before the wind
  Such a person in the long dark corridor even move. Critical that one side was a thick, dark wave groups. Some people stood in the darkness to greet him, and hand-side one fifty-six assault rifles. Now, they are still not see each other, but look forward to it in advance. Relax they are, because we know each other is no escape route. People standing in the dark to see him slowly approaching. Gradually, a thin floating hidden human form emerged. He has not see his hair cut, long black hair covers the entire face, creating a strange shadow, but also over his introverted, as always, deep.
  Now, he is near. Clothes fit. He was wearing a blue prison uniform this, there are countless people through the long and left their mark on many unknown dirty. From a distance, still like new, each new owner to have it before it will be a good clean pass, a past water erosion will be faded. From near to see, but still able to find a dry cloth, twist focus debut Road crease with Pakistan. Long slough became a gray sky blue, red paint number left chest but still new, is many times the reason to be stained.
  ... ...


* View all>>

And yeahh~ the cover is pretty awesome. Here the cover...

It has a simple but also attractive detil. And I like the colour so much since I love Green. FYI, Green is my second Favourite colour after Orange. Hehehehh.

Semoga.... Semoga.... menengadahkan tangan ke langit-langit. Semoga di Indo suatu saat ada novelnya. Aku pingin beli yang original seh, tapi percuma gak ngerti bahasanya.

Ahh, if only I can speak Mandarin... it would be great ofcourse *manyun*
Tapi sayangnya aku gak bisa bahasa mandarin dan gak suka... huuhu. Inilah nasib.

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  1. emg itu bnrn fb jrio ya??
    mg aje tuh buku bnrn smpe indo dgn transletnx ^^

  2. bukan fb sayang,, itu namanya renren^^
    kalo fb, mereka bedua kaga punya, ohohh

  3. oohhh,,,wkwkwkwk,,,maklum udh mlem jd kgak jls leatx :-D


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