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About Zaou Taishi and Eiki Eiki

Just now, I downloaded a yaoi manga from MANGATRADERS as usually I do. And as I said before, I was totally interested in Zaou Taishi and Eiki Eiki manga. They two are a famous yaoi mangaka and their art is so lovely. FYI, they seem get along well and their art also resemble each other.. it's awesome.

Back then, I've read some of Zaou Taishi manga.. yknow that Zaoi Taishi have an alias name, rite? The real name, if Im not wrong is Tsuda Mikiyo. Mangaka of Princess-Princess or well know by Puri-Puri which have been turned into anime.

And know, after knowing that Zaou Taishi is the same person as Tsuda Mikiyo.. I began to hunt her manga.. (well, I wonder that Tsuda-sensei is a female or male. I thought Tsuda-sensei is a female. But some of article said Zaou-sensei is a male.. so confusing)

I found many of her Lovely Manga and I download almost all of it.. except the Yuri manga.

And it's not complete of course if I dont hunt Eiki Eiki-sensei's manga too. So I downloaded her manga as well. They two are so AMAZING.. I love their work. the Art is so awesome, and the stroy-line is good enough too.

Now, I wanna tellya about one title manga called "Art of Loving". Here the image...

Pretty cool, isn't it?
Before I read this, I've read a manga which Eiki Eiki and Zaou Taishi done together titled "Color" and "Art of Loving" is a special manga which related to "Color"

I love this manga though Mangatraders only have 1 volume. Yeah, the fact is... "Art of Loving" has 2 volume, Eiki Eiki said herself at the end page of the manga.

But.. CRAP!!! I can found the 2nd volume nowhere. Where the heck can I find it,, anybody knows?
It's so frustating since the end of the 1s volume make me so curious.

Well, since I talk about Zaou Taishi and Eiki Eiki in this entry.. I guess I should give U list of manga that they done... I very recommended their manga.

Here It is

Eiki Eiki's Manga List

1. Prime Minister at the End of the Century (read online @manganimea) (download @mangatraders)

But the genre is Romance and Shojo. I haven't read it yet bcuz of the genre, hahahh. But I'm sure it's a very good manga. Besides, I guess it has many of yaoi hints in there...
I's pity that i can only find 3 chapter in manganimea and mangatraders.

2. Unmei ni Kiss (read online @manganimea) (download @mangatraders)

It's only shounen-ai and shoujo. And I suggest U better download this manga @mangatraders cuz this manga is still ongoing @manganimea

3. World's End (download @mangatraders)

Well, honestly I haven't read it yet as well. Kekekekekk. The genre is Drama, Phsycological, and YAOI. Its good, rite? But somehow I guess it has a dark story-line, so I passed. But for U who like a dark story-line... I suggest this manga

4. Yuigon (download @mangatraders)

Nahh, I've read this manga long time ago, cuz My Uke reccomended it to me. Actually, this is spin-off of Prime minister (shoujo). The genre is YAOI *yeiiii >_<* but the sex-scene in here neither too hot nor vulgar. It's only show upper body of the Uke.
The most important is... the story-line was so lovely. It's about high school life and I enjoyed this manga. It's contain two different story and both of them is awesome.

5. Dear Myself (download @mangatraders)

Sounen-ai, Psycological, and Drama. And I havent read it yet. May be later. hehehehhh.

Zaou Taishi's Manga List

1. Your Word Is My Command (download @mangatraders)

Comedy, school life, YAOI *Yay!!!* and it contains of 12 different stroy and many of them is extra of other Zaou-sensei work. So its complement if we've read all of Zaou-sensei's manga.

2. Mysterious Love (download @mangatraders)

I've fallen for this manga. Te story-line is so... so... so... different and sweet. I was so enjoy when I read this manga. Also the Ecchi things too. And the drawing... it's my fave manga >_<

3. Bokutachi wa Asu ni Mukatte Ikiru Noda (download @mangatraders)

This is also YAOI. And I suggest you to read this manga,, I already told that all of Zaou-sensei manga is good enough to read, aint I? ;D I love this manga.

4. Electric Hands (download @mangatraders)

This manga contains of 3 different story, Electric Hands, Brother Battle, and If Looks could kill. Every story is short but interesting though it ends awkwardly. My Fave story is If Looks could kill. But I laughed hard when I read "Brothers Battle". If U look at the cover... may be u think Brothers Battle is 3some. But... haha, just read it to know more ;) The youngest son is so cute~~

And this is the titled that Zaou and Eiki did together.

1. Ren'ai Koufukuron (donwload @mangatraders)

2. Color (download @mangatraders)

And both of them is related each other.
And that's all. hope U can enjoy it....

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  1. They're my favorite Yaoi mangaka ever! But sometimes their art make me confused because of the resemblance. But nevertheless, I adore their manga/doujinshi.
    Have you tried Zaou Taishi manga entitled "Love Stage"? That one is my favorite! If you love their manga, you may like it~


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