Jumat, 10 Juni 2011

Totally Fallen for Xia He a.k.a J-law

My!! Barusan aku nemu grup di Fb keren banget infonya tentang J-law sama Kirio. Di Grup itu, walopun aku belom dikonfirm walopun sudah nunggu lama, aku tetep bisa nyari info2nya.

I got J-law's current page... awww... so amazing!!! Saya oprek2 itu page.. nemu banyak foto2 terkininya J-law. Terus aku mule beraksi,, saya jelajahin Albumnya meskipun tulisan china yang saya ga ngerti bacanya apa itu ada dimana-mana.

Saya si berharapnya bakalan ada album dimana ada khusus fotonya dia sama Kirio. Tapi ternyata kaga ada

When I entered Jlaw's page, at first I didnt recognize it, but Jlaw's current stat was 'bout Kirio. Hahahahh. Many of U must know that Kirio release a new novel called "Elf Song" recently (And I wanna grab Kirio's novel so badly... eww!!! Eh, actually Kirio's novel has some english name like Elf Song, Wizard Song, or Song of Spirit)

This is the stat on J-law's blog 'bout Kirio. Seems that J-law also try to promote his wife's novel,,

夏河 : 麦洛洛携新书《精灵歌》六月九号下午两点做客新浪微访谈与网民直播交流,有问题要向他发问的网友可以去一下地址向他提问(

Translation (By : Google Chrome Translation... ehehehehh)

Xiahe : Mai Luoluo bring new book, "Elf Song " guest Sina pm June 9 interview with netizens live micro-exchanges, there are problems to him to ask questions of the users can go to the address to ask him questions ( / mwx8aN

Some of photo in Kirio's novel...

Hhh... *sigh*
I know for sure that I can't grab it in here (Indonesia I mean)... but I really wanna have one of Kirio novel. And ykow what?? In Kirio stat on his page (9 hours ago) ... he inform that 50.000 first copies of his novel was SOLD OUT within a week. It's a great number of course. It shows that Kirio's novel get a great attention in China and he thanks for it. Huhu ToT and it makes me more wanna buy it -___- *so frustating*

Oh ya.. Since I'm a newbie in Jlaw and Kirio's amazing world (kekekekk) I wanna say thanks so... so... to SoyBean who give me tons of info about J-law and Kirio.

Well, lately I just watched "Xiahe interview in Lady Guagua", I know that's a last year video but as I said before,, I'm a newbie :)

Thanks a lot to Tatiana Pham who share the URL. And Mit Yunjae who share the english soft sub that she have.
here the video, split into 3 part.

credit video : @ YT , thanks alot for uploading this video. Really thanks.

And here the soft soft sub... CLIK ME! (the format of soft subtitle is Ms. Word)

And it makes me crazy bout J-law http://www.emocutez.comdia itu pacar idaman,, sumpah!! Aku lihat J-law disitu sampe mataku gak berkedip. And his voice's so so so so manly as I expected.

By the way,, I dunno why but J-law smile rarely,,... hmm.. practically, he never smile at this show. he indeed look SO~~~ cool and manly with his outfit and his gesture but I still wanna see his smile. Hahaha. I guess, he'll look so lovable when he smile. XDD~~ Xiahe! Xiahe! Xiahe!

Jahh... jarang-jarang aku pake English di postinganku. Tapi karna semangat 45 buat nge-post J law Kirio,, sekalian buat belajar English yang sumpah masi acak2an banget, aku mutusin pake English. At least, aku kudu belajar English juga kan.

And my English isnt good at all. I know surely I make mistakes lots bout my English in this entry... and grammar,, who cares bout grammar? I dont use it and I didn't know at all. Hohohohh.

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