Selasa, 28 Juni 2011

Kirio @ First Book Signing Beijing

Shit!! It's already been June 29th but I cant find Kirio and Jlaw's photo at Kirio first book signing. They said that Kirio would attended his first book signing with his hubby. So then I'm looking forward for it... I wanna see Jlaw and Kirio on photo together like before. I wanna see their lovey-dovey atmospher.

But... neither Jlaw nor Kirio upload their photo on their web page. though I've been checking it up continually, there's no photo at all about that first book signing. Kirio only up his stat date by writing some thanks sentence to his fans who attend his book signing...

Mai Luoluo : I am very happy. First signing will be, will never forget. Follow-up to major cities to do the book-signing event, but time has not been determined. Arranged to go to Tibet two weeks, need other venue arrangements. However, there are several recent Beijing reading salon. Thank you. Today's tough. Thanks.

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Hanya ITU Minna-san!! Hanya itu!! I've been searching on gugel with all of possible Keyword on my mind and still I cant find their photo yet.

But today, when I visit Jlaw and Kirio group at Facebook, I saw something. Thanks alot for Julalug Akiwumi who share Kirio's photo at his first book signing.

Here the photo
and yeah~ he look so skinny http://www.emocutez.comand I feel sad whenever I see his photo nowadays. Still, I love him and I love his hubby. I LOVE THEM!!!

I dunno where she grab Kirio's photo but I feel grateful that she has. Though it doesnt show Jlaw...

I didnt intend to doubt Jlaw and Kirio but somehow i begin to think about their relationship. They DO busy with their own work.. they maybe dont have much time to act 'lovey-dovey' as much as they're back then. But, when the time that they finally can be "together" in front of their fans, why dont they take photo of themselves??? I wonder!!

Or... the news that Jlaw attend Kirio's book signing for accompanying Kirio was all FAKE?? I dunno!! Anyone know? tell me, kay?

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  2. eh Waitt, the standing man with white shirt on the left side of Kirio, he looks like Jlaw from behind, doesn't he? but I'm not sure

  3. his identity revealed- he's not Jlaw

    jlaw said to avoid blur focus media he intended not to go

  4. Valigarmanda : engg,, sorry for my late reply...
    yeah,, i also heard that jlaw didnt attended Kirio's book signing.

    I know, jlaw has a good intention for not attending Kirio's book signing. but still,, i feel sad D'X

    anyways.. thanks for visiting my blog.


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